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How To: Work With RMA's

Creating Customer and Vendor RMA Requests:
Creating a Customer RMA Request:

     You can create a Customer RMA Request from the Invoice Screen by right-clicking on the invoice line item and choosing Create RMA Request. You will be presented with a Dialog where you can make the changes necessary for the Request and save them.
Accept/Reject a RMA Request:
     Go to the RMA Requests screen under Warehouse – RMA Dashboard – RMA Requests. Find your request and right-click on the request. From there you can Accept, Reject, and/or create a Vendor RMA Request.
     Go to the Customer RMA screen and highlight the RMA. Click on the print preview button on the toolbar, revise and click Print to print the packing slip you will send to your customer.
     When you receive the parts you will receive them the same way as usual but on the RMA Receiving screen instead of the Receive PO screen.
Creating a Vendor RMA Request:
     You can create a Vendor RMA Request in several ways.
     1. From the Customer RMA Request.
     2. From the Purchase Order Screen by going to the Receipts tab, highlighting the line number on the left grid and then right-clicking on the received batch, and choosing the Create Vendor RMA Request for On Hand Qty option.
     3. You can also create a Vendor RMA by choosing Discrepancy at the time that you receive the PO. After that you go to the Discrepancies screens and you reject the parts and that process creates a RMA Request.
     You accept and reject the Vendor RMAs the same way that you do the Customer RMAs.
     When you are ready to ship the parts to the vendor go to the Vendor RMA request, double-click on the RMA that you want to ship, and click on the Ship button to print the packing slip and ship the parts to your vendor.

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