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Reqs Management

Simplified Requirement Management helps track customers requirements from beginning to end. Complete Contact CRM features an advanced interface seamlessly integrated into a modern look and feel with intuitive navigation and ease of operation. All of which decreases the learning time and increases initial user productivity. Automatic history tracking assures the availability of all interactions with the customer. Developed from a network perspective, Complete Contact CRM effectively integrates contact management, network scheduling, email, and sales automation, allowing for a common link between messages and activities to one source -- the Contact..

Req to Order

Complete Contact CRM is a Complete Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Order Tracking, Requirements Tracking and Sourcing package that runs your Broker Distributor Business. The system is the most powerful CRM system for Broker Distributors of Electronic Components.

Complete Contact CRM Interfaces seamlessly with QuickBooks so you don't have to retype over and over the same information ever again.

Complete Contact CRM is available catering for a single user through to an enterprise with thousands of users, with data storage on Microsoft SQL Server.

Your Benefits

Integrates Contact Management, Network Scheduling, Email, and Sales Automation, allowing for a common link between messages and activities to one source…

The contact helps organize and streamline requirement handling making you a more productive sales machine.

With the right information you can make better decisions and focus on the most important issues

Strategically designed contact manager optimized for robust performance, functionality and speed

The most complete contact management system in the industry!

Help Combating Counterfeits

You, as an Independent Broker/Distributor of Electronic Components are exposed to the counterfeit problem like never before.

As an Independent Distributor your Tools most recommended to combat counterfeits are:
Complete Contact CRM has been setting the standards of the software for the industry since 1999 and has been developed by people with deep understanding of the industry. It is not by chance that it includes tools specifically designed for the Broker/Distributor of Electronic Components.

Supplier Assessment
Visual Inspection
Testing House

When it comes to counterfeits, Complete Contact CRM can help you with the first two of the points above.
In this email we want to briefly tell you how Complete Contact CRM will help you with those two tasks.

Supplier Assessment:
Because buying from reliable sources is probably the best single way to avoid counterfeits.
Complete Contact CRM helps you select your vendors carefully by automatically rating them and keeping statistics that are always available on the screen through the Insights Panel.
Complete Contact CRM helps you keep track of parts that have been reported as "counterfeit" and vendors that have been reported as selling them.
Various methods of Vendor and Order Approval are available making it easier not only to combat counterfeiting but also to help your company comply with standards like the ISO9001.
Complete Contact CRM with information centralization and availability makes it easy for managers, sales reps and buyers to access it and make the right decisions.

Visual Inspection:
Complete Contact CRM has focused on the Inspection-Receiving process with great detail since the beginning.
We have based our receiving inspection report on the standardized ERAI suggested inspection. Configure the program to require any or all of the suggested inspection points to better fit your business and receivers won’t be able to receive the parts until they have inspected all points required by the software. This way you can guarantee your customers that 100% of the parts that you receive are inspected.
Complete Contact CRM will also generate an Inspection Report for you to attach with your quotes or shipments.
Complete Contact CRM supports taking snapshots using USB Microscopes and Cameras… those pictures get stored with your inspection report and are available to be attached with your quotes or shipments.
You can also attach any documentation to the record like Certificate of Conformance, specifications, etc.
In case of any discrepancy or suspicion at receiving, the Discrepancy section of the RMA system will allow you to resolve them quickly and accurately, since all information from ordering through receiving (including any attachments like pictures, certificates, technical specifications and any other support documentation) is available and centralized in one place.

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