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General Features

Document Management

Network Ready

Requirement Workflow

On-Line Services Integration

Advanced Import/Export




Automated Processes Communication

Automatic Import of Requirements

Automatic Imports of Offers

Generate and Track Quotes, SO's, PO's, Invoices, Parts History

Generate and Track Discrepancies and RMA's

Real-Time Interactive Dashboards

All Screens Have Uniform Look and Feel

Seamless Navigation

Role Specific Coloring and Icons

One-Click Technology


E-Mail Broadcasting

One-Click Package Tracking

Microsoft SQL Server Back End

Data Integrity Rules

Activity Logs

Security Templates

Multiple Departments

Multi-Layer Security



QuickBooks Integration

Customizable Forms

70+ Reports

Template Based Forms and E-Mails



Sales Orders

Purchase Orders



Marketing E-Mails 


Vendor Management

Document Management

Manufacturer Management

Vendor Ratings

Track Offers, Excess, Inventories, and Own Stock

Requirement Sourcing Module

Prioritized Requirement Workflow

Automatically Import On-Line Services

Sourcing By Manufacturer

Email RFQ's to Multiple Vendors with 1 Click

RFQ Creating

RFQ Broadcasting

Vendor Quotes Management

Purchase Order Management

Schedule Purchase Orders

Expediting System

Detailed  Part History

Automation Features

Document Management


One-Click Order Filling

Phone Number Formatting

Name Formatting

Correspondence Groups

Import of Customer Requirements

Import of Vendor Inventory

Import of Vendor Offers

Import of On-Line Services

Address (With Zip Code, Town, and State Filled Automatically)

Daily, Monthly, and Yearly History Reports

Comprehensive Part # History

Interface with Quickbooks


Inventory Management

Warehouse Management

Incoming Orders Management

Outgoing Orders Management

Parts Pictures and Document Management

Barcode Printing

Full RMA System



PO Receiving

Discrepancy Logging

Inspection Reports



Prospects Management

Document Management

Automatic Scheduled Calls

Scheduled Reminders

Custom Correspondence Groups

Automatic Correspondence Groups

Contact Management Features

Import BOMs

Requirements Management

Automatic Import of Requirements (examples below)

IC Source

Broker Forum

Source ESB


Chip Source





Stocking Distributors

Automatic Import of Requirements (From Your Website)

Quote Management

Easy Quoting

Order Management

Schedule Sales Orders 

Automatic History Tracking


  • "... you used to have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a program like Complete Contact CRM. Believe me, I have. And that was for a DOS type program. Complete Contact CRM is leaps and bounds beyond my old expensive program and it is improving daily as the talented programmers add features. There are many programs out there and most of them have similar features. One of the main reasons I chose Complete Contact CRM over the others was that the chief programmer, Oscar Mintegui, has been in the industry since 1989. And the programmers know our language and how to get what we need done in their program. It has been a pleasure to work with all of them and they come up with some great ideas of how to handle our needs better. I am a believer that time is money and this program has saved us large amounts of time. I encourage anyone to take a close look at Complete Contact CRM to see how you can do everything from one program. ..."
    — America Electronic Resource's Robb Hammond
  • "... There are many contact management programs designed for the distribution business," said Geno. "Complete Contact CRM is undoubtedly the industry’s preeminent software package, and that includes custom programs..."
    — Simi Components' Geno Giordan
  • "... data management wise, with the tabs and stuff, Complete Contact CRM's new interface rules! - It makes it way easier for me to run reports ..."
    — Jenn - AERI
  • "... this software is easy to use and learn, it is very sturdy and extremely robust. I've experienced other CRM systems in the past (including Microsoft!!) and quite honestly, Complete Contact CRM wins hands down. The speed of the system, the support and the ongoing improvements are first class ... we have been using Complete Contact CRM for the last 3 years, we've tried different software’s before, but Complete Contact CRM was the one who really changed the way we operate ... "
    — Moty - BBM

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