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Match QB Accounts to CRM Accounts
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To match QuickBook Accounts with CRM Accounts you must match the current Customers/Vendors in CRM with the Customers/Vendors in QuickBooks.
To do that you do the following:
     1. Go to Administration – Acct Link Do Not Match screen.
     2. Use the navigation arrow buttons (First, Previous, Next, and Last) on the toolbar to move between records.
     3. You start with a blank screen.
     4. Click on the Next button.
     5. The system will show you a Customer or Vendor that is in QuickBooks and could not automatically match to a CRM Customer or Vendor.
     6. The system will also show you a list to the right of all the Customers or Vendors that start with the same first letters of the one that you have to match.
Sometimes you will have to modify the search field and click on the search button. For example: If the customer displayed is IBM and there is no suitable match on the search grid you can try searching for I or I.B.M. etc...
     1. Once you have the right Customer/Vendor highlighted on the search grid you click the “Update Match Tag” button. This will link the QuickBooks account with the CRM account
If it happens that there is no match in CRM for the QuickBooks account you can do 2 things:
     1. Click on the “Create Customer/Vendor” button. This will create the account in CRM.
     2. Click on the “Do Not Import” button. This will not create the account in CRM and it will clear the database from this record. This is meant to be used in the case you have a PO for companies like “Staples” or something similar. You might want to have bills and invoices for these companies, but you don’t want them in CRM.

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