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Fax Modems Supported by Active Fax
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Recommended Fax Modems For Use With Active Fax:

Fax modems that support fax class 1, 1.0, 2 or 2.0

      ISDN boards that support the T.30 (Fax Group 3) protocol

     Diva Server boards from Eicon

     Fax boards from Brooktrout/Cantata

     Fax boards from Intel/Dialogic (Cpi series)

     RockForce boards from Mainpine

     VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP)

We recommend the following modems, ISDN boards and fax boards to be used with Complete Contact CRM

Analog Modems

     Mainpine IQ Express

     Mainpine RockForce

     Aztech 56k Turbo 2

     Diamond Supra Express 56e Pro

     Elsa Microlink 56k

     Elsa Microlink 56k Office

     Elsa Microlink 56k Pro

     Multitech MT5634ZBA

     Multitech MultiModem II

     US-Robotics 56k (only fax class 1)

     US-Robotics Sportster (only fax class 1)

     Zyxel Elite 2864

     Zyxel Omni 56k

     Zyxel U-1496

     Zyxel U-336

     Zyxel U-90

Analog Multi-Modem Boards

     Mainpine IQ Express

     Mainpine RockForce

     Comtrol RocketModem

     Dialogic/Eicon Diva Server Analog-4P/8P

     Equinox Multimodem Adapters

     Multitech Multimodem ISI

ISDN Modems and ISDN Boards

     AVM B1 V4.0 (1 x S0)

     AVM C2 (2 x S0)

     AVM C4 (4 x S0)

     AVM Fritz!Card (1 x S0)

     Digi Datafire Micro V (1 x S0)

     Digi Datafire QuadMicro (4 x S0)

     Dialogic/Eicon Diva Pro 2.0 (1 x S0)

     Dialogic/Eicon Diva Server BRI 2M (1 x S0)

     Dialogic/Eicon Diva Server 4BRI 8M (4 x S0)

     Dialogic/Eicon Diva Server PRI 30M (1 x PRI)

     HST Saphir III (1 x S0)

     HST Saphir III ML (4 x S0)

     HST Saphir V (1 x PRI)

Intelligent Fax Boards

     Brooktrout/Cantata TR114 Series

     Brooktrout/Cantata TR1034 Series

     Brooktrout/Cantata Trufax Series

     Brooktrout/Cantata Trufax-BRI Series

VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP)

     Dialogic/Eicon Diva Server SoftIP Software

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