Simi Components opened his doors for business in 2001 after 35 years in the electronic components distribution industry. One of Uruhun's earliest clients, Simi Components has used Complete Contact CRM to track its internal information for more than four years. Uruhun has played a considerable role in his company's substantial growth.

"... There are many contact management programs designed for the distribution business," "Complete Contact CRM is undoubtedly the industry’s preeminent software package, and that includes custom programs..."

Uruhun has fostered Simi Component's development by saving employees time so they can service customers more efficiently. The single screen use, available with one click, is significantly more user friendly and seamless than other contact management programs employing multiple screens. For Simi Component's, Complete Contact CRM has paid for itself many times over. 

America Electronic Resource has this to say:
"... you used to have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a program like Complete Contact CRM. Believe me, I have. And that was for a DOS type program. Complete Contact CRM is leaps and bounds beyond my old expensive program and it is improving daily as the talented programmers add features.

There are many programs out there and most of them have similar features. One of the main reasons I chose Complete Contact CRM over the others was that the chief programmer, Oscar Mintegui, has been in the industry since 1989. And the programmers know our language and how to get what we need done in their program. It has been a pleasure to work with all of them and they come up with some great ideas of how to handle our needs better.

I am a believer that time is money and this program has saved us large amounts of time. I encourage anyone to take a close look at Complete Contact CRM to see how you can do everything from one program. ..."

With the Online Services Integration you can fax and e-mail your specific vendor contacts or enter vendor quotes on offers from all of the search engines without switching back and forth between programs:
On Part Search You will find a Full History, including Offers, Inventory, POs, Vendor Quotes, Quotes, SOs, Requirements and Invoices; All in one single screen You will also Know exactly how well your vendors are performing,  which vendors are safe to quote off of and which ones are not. Complete Contact CRM automatically keeps the vendors success rate and displays it on every screen where decisions are critical:
Contact Management area allows you to keep records per contact on everything from requirements, and their associated vendor quotes, all the way to the invoice:
With Requirement Management - Requirements are tracked through each step from entry (or importing) to the final sale. It helps organize and streamline requirement handling making you a more productive sales machine! Also notice the Vendor Ratings showing on the Vendor Quotes tab of the screen:
With Sales Dashboard all of your most important work is summarized on one screen to keep you informed so you can make better decisions and focus on the most important issues:
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