Thursday, April 26, 2018
What's New
Complete Contact CRM 2016
Allow for Part Numbers that do not have digits in it; therefor the base number is empty and the part number is basically only a prefix.
Added Drag & Drop capabilities to the Send Email dialog allowing you to drop as many files as you want to add as an attachment when emailing any document from the program.
Added text to the Attachment error thorough the program to help on troubleshooting network or permissions issues that might be causing it.
Added the Shipping Notes to the Invoices screen General tab so it can be visible without having to switch to the Shipping tab.
Added the Lot Code and Date Code to the Shipment barcode that can be printed from the Invoice Screen.
Updated the dbUpdate utility to support non recnum SQL tables.
Added the Accounts Names and Sales Orders In-House dates, if any, to the Discrepancies screen.
Added a Beginning Date default setting to the General Settings screen to define the default Beginning Date to the management screens instead of using 1/1/1990.
A new option has been added to the General Settings screen called 'Default BO Quantity When Receiving POs' when not checked it will start the PO Receiving process with a 0 on the Qty Received field; when checked the back order for the PO line will show by the default.
Added a New Screen 'Consignments Management' to the Warehousing menu.
On the Supplier Management screen added 'Have Done Business With' checkbox to the Filters menu.
Implemented new SQL Filters technology to speed up Sales Orders, Quotes and Reqs screens.
Added Terms column to the field chooser of the Invoice Management screen.
Clarify some RMA error reporting text and added more information for better troubleshooting.
Increased Total fields to accommodate larger amounts. Fields affected belong to Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments, Pre Payments and Balance tables.
Added Show Inactive/Active Contacts Filter to the Accounts Management screen in addition to the Inactive/Active Accounts Filter.
Added the Cost and Qty Allocated columns to the General tab of the Consignments screen.
Added 'Auto Created - Stock Available' or 'Auto Created - Consignment Available' accordingly to the Vendor Quotes that get auto created when a new Requirement entered and either Stock or Consignment have an available quantity.
When sending an Invoice to QuickBooks now the Shipping & Handle charges will be added with item named S&H instead of being the same part number as the last line of the invoice.
Added Account Auto Markup field. If it is not set to zero it will be used instead of the Company Wide Auto Markup that can be set under Administration - Company Information. When creating a Quote from a Vendor Quote or Offer the Auto Markup percentage is added to the cost of the parts to automatically create a default Quoted Price.
Added Ref # field to the Req Management screen. To display the Ref # column choose it from the Field Chooser of the grid.
Added the capability of scheduling the rebuild of Stock and Consignment databases. These time consuming processes can now be scheduled to run at an off time so there is no need to run it at the time of exporting the data out of the system.
Added new option "Use Req Qty When Creating Quote from a VQ or VQ from Offer" to the General Settings screen. When checked the Requirement Quantity will be used when creating a Quote from a Vendor Quote or when creating a Vendor Quote from an Offer on the Reqs screen.
Added the capability to delete one Consignment line item at the time by selecting it and clicking on the delete button on the toolbar.
Enabled find consignments by Vendor Name on the Consignments screen.
Replaced the right-click option to select values on the Delivery and Currency fields with Drop Down Combo Forms to make it easier for the user to know that there are available options to insert on the field with a click.
Replaced procedures to Rebuild Database option while Stock, Consignments, Offers, etc. about twice as fast code that forwards the task to be executed by the SQL Server.
Now in the SO Need To Buy screen when clicking on Create PO from a Vendor Quote created from Stock or Consignment the system will ask to start the Manage Allocations dialog to allocate the Stock or Consignment to the Sales Order instead of creating a PO. It can be overridden by answering No to the question in which case a PO will be created or Cancel to not do anything.
Added Contract Number field to the Create/Edit Requirement dialog and to the Req Management screen where you can choose it from the Field Chooser.
Added Auto Complete to most Part Number, Manufacture, Account, Contact and Vendor fields.
Added Date column to the Offers grid of the Part History dialog.
Added Required Quote Approval Process that works just like the Sales Order and Purchase Order approval processes.
Added Invoices, Last Contacted, Quotes, Quotes/Invoices Ratio %, Reqs/Quotes Ratio % and Requirements columns to the field chooser of the Account Management screen.
Added support for Microsoft SQL 2014
Added Start Support Online link to the help icon on the top right of the program to make it easier to troubleshoot and help you with your questions.
Added support for latest Operating Systems like Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2
New background interface to be used with a future Phone App.
New WebApp for your clients and vendors to use.
Multi-language interface.
New, faster, SQL engine.
Document Versioning.
New Audit tabs for the Quotes, SO, PO, Invoice screens listing changes made to the document by whom, date, time.
Better QuickBooks error and process control.
Enable filter by Vendor and Vendor Group when exporting consignments and stock.
Added wording for new subscription based licensing to show when the subscription expires.
Added Internal field to the field chooser of the Stock Management screen.
Added option in General Settings to disable the 'Show Everyone's Reqs' check box in the Requirement Management Screen to prevent users that can see other users accounts from seeing other users requirements.
(IR1400) On the PO Receiving screen, added a More Info button next to the Vendor Name field to display the More Vendor Info Dialog.
(IR1406) On the Discrepancies screen, added an Allocations tab that displays all the Sales Orders that are allocated for the selected discrepancy line item.
RMA's now have preventative measures in place to prevent duplicates. Lists will now be given alongside RMA errors to better explain why the error is given.
(IR1408) On the PO Receiving screen, added an Allocations tab that displays all Sales Orders currently allocated to the PO Line that is about to be received.
(IR1303) Added a Use Unicode Font on Reports setting to the Company information for Crystal Reports to be able to handle extended characters like umlauts.
(IR1186) Added ECCN, Schedule B, and Country columns to the Outgoing Orders screen.
(IR1126) Fixed calculation related to orders with multiple supplier sources.
(IR1112) Added a Can Confirm POs permission to the Employees Screen for ability to assign access to Confirm POs through the program.
(IR684) Added BrokerBin SOAP Feed to the OnLineServices screen. Any company that subscribe to this paid BokerBin service should enter their username and password under General Settings for this feature to work.
(IR448) Added setting on Company Information to automatically send the Requirements to purchasing at the time of creation or importing into the system.
(IR698) Added a way to Edit and Remove Custom Notes. Any Employee with the Permission to "Can Edit/Remove Custom Notes" set to true will be able to access the new option on the context menu.
(IR950) On the Discrepancies screen added a Context Menu to access all actions available for the highlighted Discrepancy.
(IR985) Added RoHS column to the Vendor Quotes grid of the SO Need to Buy screen.
(IR960) Added a General Setting "Default End Dates as Tomorrow" and if it is checked all the End Date Filters through the program default to tomorrow.
(IR1044) On The Invoice Management screen moved the filters to the Filter tab of the Ribbon.
(IR1046) On The Incoming Orders screen moved the filters to the Filter tab of the Ribbon.
(IR1048) On The Outgoing Orders screen moved the filters to the Filter tab of the Ribbon.
(IR1042) On The Sales Order Management screen moved the filters to the Filter tab of the Ribbon.
(IR952) Added Context Menu to the RMA Request screen.
(IR1064) Added the Account Name column to the Requirements tab of the Part Search screen.
(IR979) Added a drop down menu to easily select the Date Range for the filter with regular options like Today, This Week, This Month, etc.
(IR936) Added Quantity RMA Column to the Stock Management screen.
(IR991) Added a new filter Don't Show RMA Quantities to the Stock Management screen.
(IR987) Added a new filter Show Only Not Quoted to the Requirements Pool.
(IR906) Added Context Menu Options to the Account Management screen.
(IR968) On the Sales Dashboard screen's Last Invoices grid the Invoice Lines were getting duplicated for each Contact that the Account had.
(IR966) And error was being displayed when opening the Prospects Pool screen after having the Scheduled Calls screen open.
(IR956) When creating a Sales Order the Account's Shipping Account Number was getting deleted.
(IR954) Added Context Menu Options to the Requirements Pool screen.
(IR945) Under some conditions it was not possible to send the Requirements to the Requirements Pool from the Req Management screen.
(IR943) The Assign To option of the Requirements Pool was not working when the default buyer assigned to the Account or the Employee was Pool.
(IR930) Added Context Menu Options to the Ready To Ship screen.
(IR918) Added Context Menu Options to the Stock Management screen.
Added Context Menu options to the Account Report screen.
(IR656) Added double-click action to all Management Screens.
Requirements Import now allows for up to five alternate part numbers and manufacturers to be imported with the main requirement
Easy way to transfer Quotes to a different Contact
Multi-Currency support has been enhanced to prevent misunderstandings
All Reports have been updated to take advantage of the new SQL connectivity performance
New RFQ Pipeline Management screen to easily filter, sort, email and stay on top of your RFQs
New Automatically Maintained Vendor Groups per manufacturer build while you manage franchises and line cards to better target your RFQ broadcasts
New Multi-Language features allows to enter data in non-English languages saving and correctly displaying special symbols
New Management Screens for easy access of information through the program
Account Management to easily filter, manage and email your contacts
Req Management to easily filter, manager, email, prioritize and assign your requirements
Quote Management to easily filter, manage and email follow-ups to your quotes
Sales Order Management to easily filter and manage your sales orders
Invoice Management to easily filter, track and manager your shipments
Supplier Management to easily filter, manage and email your vendors
Stock Management to easily filter, export, edit, print barcodes, inspections of your stock
All RMA screens now allow you to better filter and customize them
Support for the latest Microsoft SQL Server versions with improved performance and reliability
Support for Crystal Reports 2011 for a faster better viewer and better designed reports
Skype Integration to easily communicate with your partners with the click of a button
New Grids with loading times, filters, sorting, etc.
Drag and Drop Columns to arrange them to your preference
Field Choosers to give you more options on what data to display
Support for Windows Font to integrate better with your environment
New Filter Tabs on the Ribbon menu to better use screen real state
New Action buttons on top of grids to easily access actions related what you are doing
New Expediting screen to stay on top of your incoming orders, including filtering, emailing, tracking, etc.
New Customer and Vendors tags like ISO9000 Certified, IDEA and ERAI Members
Bank Fees, Freight, Purchasing Terms and other fields added to all documents
Added Sales Orders and Requirements to the Part History dialog to provide even more helpful information to assist you in correctly pricing the parts
Added black list to prevent undesirable Vendors from using the B2B portal to quote your RFQs
Added Ignore "On Credit Hold" setting to eliminate unnecessary messages through the system when not tracking customer payments in the system.
SCREENS THAT HAVE ALSO BEEN UPDATED FOR FUNCTIONALITY -Collections -Sales Dashboard -Requirements Pool -RFQ Pipeline -Expediting -Purchasing Dashboard -Incoming Orders -Outgoing Orders -Discrepancies -RMA Requests -Vendor RMA -Customer RMA -RMA Dashboard -Employees
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