Thursday, April 26, 2018
List of Changes

VersionChange TypeDescription
5.18.2044FIX Received Parts allocated to a Sales Order were showing up in Part Search screen as Available On-Hand.
5.18.2044FEATURE Allow for Part Numbers that do not have digits in it; therefor the base number is empty and the part number is basically only a prefix.
5.18.2044FEATURE Added Drag & Drop capabilities to the Send Email dialog allowing you to drop as many files as you want to add as an attachment when emailing any document from the program.
5.18.2044REPORT The Sales Order Confirmation was incorrectly showing canceled lines.
5.18.2044REPORT Bank Fees were missing on the Sales Order Printout.
5.18.2043FEATURE Added text to the Attachment error thorough the program to help on troubleshooting network or permissions issues that might be causing it.
5.18.2043FIX Prevented the program from converting a Discrepancy into a Vendor RMA if the parts are allocated to a Sales Order by displaying an error mentioning that the parts first need to be de-allocated.
5.18.2043FIX The Open Purchase Order Due Date and Open Sales Orders Date on the Purchasing Dashboard were not sorting correctly when the user clicked on the column header.
5.18.2043FIX Added missing Ship Complete Checkbox to the Sales Order Line Item Create/Edit dialog.
5.18.2042FEATURE Added the Shipping Notes to the Invoices screen General tab so it can be visible without having to switch to the Shipping tab.
5.18.2042FIX Schedule B was not printing on the Sales Order and Pack Slip.
5.18.2042FIX The Consignment Internal Number was not showing on screens or was being exported when exporting consignments.
5.18.2042FIX When the Sales Rep was changed for an Invoice the commission report used to still report under the original Sales Rep on the Sales Order. Now the program does make sure that the whole Sales Order is transferred to the new Sales Rep including any previous Invoices and Commissions.
5.18.2042FEATURE Added the Lot Code and Date Code to the Shipment barcode that can be printed from the Invoice Screen.
5.18.2042FEATURE Updated the dbUpdate utility to support non recnum SQL tables.
5.18.2042FEATURE Added the Accounts Names and Sales Orders In-House dates, if any, to the Discrepancies screen.
5.18.2042FIX In some systems, changes on Windows Regional settings were preventing from the quantity to be imported when importing Excel data into the system.
5.18.2042FIX Under some conditions the program crashed when the user double-clicked on the tray icon.
5.18.2042FIX Changed the Auto Close Quotes Procedure to use the SQL backend to improve its performance since it was taking a lot of time needed by other maintenance processes to be done on the server.
5.18.2042FIX Users that had Unrestricted Access to other's Accounts were not able to see other's Sales Orders. Bug added in ver 5.18.2041
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