Saturday, January 20, 2018
Import Inventory Lots

Take these steps to Import Inventory Lots:

  1. Go to Administration – Import Inventory
  2. Select the Company that the inventory is being bought under (e.g: America II).
  3. Select the Vendor you got the parts from.
  4. Select the Excel or CSV file that you wish to import.
  5. Enter a Reference number, if any (Not required).
  6. Select a Warehouse, Terms, and ShipVia (They are required. They will be used to create a PO).
  7. Click the “Receive Items Automatically” button if you want the program to automatically receive the items. If you don’t check this you will have to manually receive, line by line, under Warehouse – PO Receiving.
  8. Select “Inventory” as the type of import that you are doing.
  9. Click on the Import First Line checkbox if the first line actually contains a record (Usually the first line contains the column labels).
  10. Match each field on the file to a field in CRM. In the example below QTY has been matched to Quantity, PN to Full Part Number and so on.
  11. When you are ready just click the “Import Inventory” button and the program will create a PO and receive the items automatically if you chose that option.

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