Saturday, January 20, 2018
Fax Modems

Recommended Fax Modems For Use With Active Fax:

Fax modems that support fax class 1, 1.0, 2 or 2.0

  • ISDN boards that support the T.30 (Fax Group 3) protocol
  • Diva Server boards from Eicon
  • Fax boards from Brooktrout/Cantata
  • Fax boards from Intel/Dialogic (Cpi series)
  • RockForce boards from Mainpine
  • VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP)

We recommend the following modems, ISDN boards and fax boards to be used with Complete Contact CRM

Analog Modems

Analog Multi-Modem Boards

ISDN Modems and ISDN Boards

Intelligent Fax Boards

VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP)

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