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Q. What are the hardware requirements for Complete Contact CRM?

A. The hardware requirements are listed HERE.

Q. Which Fax Modems are supported by Active Fax?

A. The supported Fax Modems are listed HERE.

Q. Would we need a license for each and every member of staff accessing Quickbooks through Complete Contact CRM?

A. No. All you need is one license for someone to send all information to QuickBooks in a batch. If you want to allow each individual user to send information to QuickBooks then yes, all users will need a license. Also, remember that QuickBooks has concurrent licenses. For example, if you have 5 QuickBooks licenses you can have 20 users in QuickBooks but only 5 can be on Quickbooks at any given time from the same company.

Q. When importing customer requirements, the program sets the manufacturer to unknown.

A. If the program cannot match the manufacturer being imported to an existing one on the database, Complete Contact CRM will set the manufacturer to U/K (Unknown) to prevent duplication and garbage getting imported into the system. For example: MOT, MOTO, MOTOROLA, etc. getting imported on your database. You can edit the requirement and use the right manufacturer (creating it if needed) after the import is done. As your manufacturer database grows the less you will have to update.

Q. When I export part numbers from Complete Contact CRM it changes some of the numbers to dates like 03-09-2011 to 03/09/2011 or when there is a large number it shows up like with an E (e.g. 210005.E ).

A. That is a Microsoft Excel problem. Excel "intelligently" decides that the value is a date or a large part number is a number instead of text and formats the cells accordingly to date or to be expressed on engineering notation. You can confirm this by opening the exported file in notepad BEFORE you open the file in Excel. After you open the file in Excel and save it, the file will contain the changes incorrectly made by Excel.

Q. How do I prevent all fields from Excel getting imported into the first column?

A. If when importing files from Excel all fields are shown in the first column, this is due to Excel using the computers "Local" setting for the field separator during the conversion of the Excel file to a CSV (Comma Separated Value). You can revert back to the original separator after the file has been imported.

     Follow the procedure below to change the separator comma.

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Open "Control Panel"
  3. Open the "Regional and Language Options" dialog box.
  4. Click on the Regional Options tab.
  5. Click "Customize".
  6. Type a Comma (,) in the "List Seprator" box.
  7. Click OK twice.
If you would like to learn more about the CSV format and Excel handling of CSV files refer to
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