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Simplified Requirement Management helps track customers requirements from beginning to end. Complete Contact CRM features an advanced interface seamlessly integrated into a modern look and feel with intuitive navigation and ease of operation. All of which decreases the learning time and increases initial user productivity. Automatic history tracking assures the availability of all interactions with the customer. Developed from a network perspective, Complete Contact CRM effectively integrates contact management, network scheduling, email, and sales automation, allowing for a common link between messages and activities to one source -- the Contact.

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Complete Contact CRM is a Complete Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Order Tracking, Requirements Tracking and Sourcing package that runs your Broker Distributor Business. The system is the most powerful CRM system for Broker Distributors of Electronic Components.

Complete Contact CRM Interfaces seamlessly with QuickBooks so you don't have to retype over and over the same information ever again.

Complete Contact CRM is available catering for a single user through to an enterprise with thousands of users, with data storage on Microsoft SQL Server.

 SupportHow To: Use The Scheduled Calls Feature   
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 Information on using the Scheduled Calls Feature:

     On the "Contacts" screen, define the correct information for your contact. Here you can set the Call Back Date and the Frequency, in case you want to set up an automatic recurrence for the call back. You can also write a Call Note which is some text that will show up on the Scheduled Calls screen to help remind you about the purpose of your call.

     The Call From/To and the Time Zone areas work together so that the system can calculate if the contacts' local time is within those times. This feature was put in place so you only spend your time calling people when they are likely in the office.
     In your Scheduled Calls screen there are some settings that you must change before you can start using it.
If you right-click on the grid you will see the following context menu:

Select Folder Properties and you will see the following dialog:

Here you can choose which calls you want to see:
  • None: Will not show any calls (is the default).
  • All Due: Any scheduled Call that was set to call today or earlier (Earlier calls will display with red background).
  • Current Day: Only Scheduled Calls that you setup for today will show.
  • TZ Restriction (Time Zone Restriction): Calls will be shown based on the Time Zone and Call From/To areas are filled out.
  • No: Calls will show regardless if the contact local time falls outside the From/To times that you setup in the contacts screen.
  • Yes: Only calls which contacts’ local time falls within those From/To times you setup are displayed.
     Once you have the list of calls displayed you can either double-click to go directly to the Contacts screen or you can choose to open the Company, Requirements, or Quotes screens.
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FREE Express Edition - Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Try the FREE Complete Contact CRM Express Edition today! Go to the CCCRM Express page for more details

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Features Overview Presentation - Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Complete Contact CRM's features are designed to make you more productive and therefore more profitable... see an overview of them on this power point presentation.

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·  Innovative Features
Automatic Vendor Ratings enables you to make better decisions. We are always striving to bring you the latest technology and a faster, easier way to do your job.
Increase efficiency and sales!

· Online Services Integration
Integrates with search engines, data sheet sites and other search sites to facilitate sourcing.
No more switching between multiple programs. Increased accuracy and faster sourcing!

· Requirement Management
Requirements are tracked through each step from entry (or importing) to the final sale.
Helps organize and streamline requirement handling making you a more productive sales machine!

· Fax and Email
Fax or Email directly from the application! Quotes, RFQs, etc. and also Broadcasting
Efficient and Fast Communications so you can spend your time doing REAL work!

· Contact Management
The most complete Contact Management System in the industry. All relevant information is just a click away.
Create better relationships!

·  Sales Dashboards
All of you most important work is summarized on one screen to keep you informed.
With the right information you can make better decisions and focus on the most important issues.

· Easy to learn and use
It is designed as a true Windows Application making it easier to learn and use.
You get Up and Running faster! Makes you and your new your employees more productive and effective faster!

· Accounting Integration
Integrates with QuickBooks and Peach Tree. Other accounting software can be integrated.
No more double entry!

· Security
Multi-layer security allows you to assign  permissions and logging capabilities to any or all screens.
Secure information access! Recover important data from changed records!

· And a Lot More …
Multi-Location, Multi-Currency, Multi-Warehouse, and lots of more features...
We keep adding features regularly, keep checking!

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